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Michael Jordan

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm"
Winston Churchill

"Life is full of surprises. Just remember that the glass is always half full and not half empty"

Monday, 28 October 2013

Rock to Rock Run 2013

That's the way to dress if you are running Rock to Rock Run.

Race : Rock to Rock Run 2013
Organised by : Hard Rock Hotel, Penang
Distance : 10.2km
Finishing time : 66 mins
Pace : 6:30min/km

A race that I have entered for the running vest and the medal. And I have enjoyed the after race more than race itself due to the carnival atmosphere and rock bands after the run. We have runners come in different costumes since there is a best dressed costume contest. So we have Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Halloween costumes, Police Woman, Jungle Woman, and many others. And the first song played by the rock band that day is "The Best" sung by Tina Turner.  So let's rock on !

Hard Rock Hotel, Penang
View of Hard Rock Cafe and Hotel, Penang
Zumba Dance Performance
Rock Band Performance
Stalls at the Race
Running Vest of Rock to Rock Run 2013
Running bib and the medal

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